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Sunday, August 22, 2010

I crossed my fingers today

I crossed my fingers today. And I am not typically a superstitious person. But this time, I meant it.

Recently, when Tyron passed away, I realized that the one photo I have of him and me was on a broken hard drive that I have been holding on to for quite some time. I'd dropped it off last week for a possible image recovery, it was now time to discover had they been able to retrieve the long lost images.

Prior to this phone call, I had convinced myself that if the images were to be gone forever, then I would not mind. I would have the memories in my heart and mind. But with that thought, I crossed my fingers. In that moment, I realized how much photography really means to me. Photographs are so important.

While waiting for the verdict, I replayed a scene in my mind:

It was springtime of 2007. I had flown to L.A. to visit Tyron, Susie and Lindsay Loo. Tyron had picked me up from the airport by city bus. I had offered to ride alone and meet him at his apartment, but he would have nothing of it. The warm Los Angeles evening passed outside our window, as we joked about our childhood growing up in Port Orchard, and how excited twelve-year-old Tyron and Kristen would be if they knew they'd be together in the future. We were different people, yet had such a strong connection to our childhood.

Once we arrived at his downtown L.A. apartment, we quickly began to get ready for a fun night out. He had some places in mind that he wanted to take me. I remembered stepping into his room to ask if I should wear jeans. He suggested I dress up.

We ended up on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel. I will never forget the feeling of being completely surrounded by towering buildings. I had compared them to trees. I think my excitement made Ty happy.

Lost in this daydream, I was awoken to a mans voice. He was able to recover the images from my hard drive. I felt so joyous and relieved. Having this image of Tyron and me is very meaningful. It is one of a kind, just like he was.

Above Photo: Tyron and me on top of the Standard Hotel, Los Angeles.

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