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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shooting Star

I saw a shooting star last night. It streaked across the sky in an instant. Had I blinked, I may have missed it.

I heard Melanie scream, "I didn't see it!"

Jesse and I were sitting on the edge of the lake, still wet from a night-swim. We were neither cold nor uncomfortable, but content under the brilliant starry sky. I looked over my shoulder to see Melanie laying on her back in the dirt and grass. Her earthy bed seemed welcoming to her.

She called out, "I'm not leaving until I see one."

I giggled, hopped up form my fresh water perch to lay beside her. I whispered, "There is no one else I wish to share this moment."

We grasped hands and continued to peer up at the menagerie of diamonds. I could feel my chest expand with each breath...the warm summer air entering my lips, filling my lungs and being pushed out again. With this found peacefulness, there was also a fascination. When would another falling star appear? The eagerness was real.

It wasn't long before a bullet of light etched across the sky. I could feel it's sterling beauty in the palm of my hand as Melanie squeezed tighter.

It was clear she had seen it too.

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