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Sunday, November 6, 2011

My First Year In New York

There are so many meaningful things. These things all add up to be the passion we feel through out our life. Sometimes these things are a special day that we reflect upon every year...

Like today.

I moved to New York a year ago today.

A year ago today, I made my way to the airport with Mom and Shan. I booked an afternoon flight so we'd have time to sleep in and have lunch. It was a weird day...I had a one way ticket.

Today allows me to reflect on this year gone. I get to think about all of those things I did back there- while of course- not dwelling to heavily on the past. I am using today as more of an opportunity to reflect on what is present. And to feel a sense of worthiness to what I have now.

Life here is balanced. I like my tiny room in Brooklyn! My roommates are grown adults who clean up after themselves (that's saying a lot!) My job is so enjoyable I am often bummed when 5pm rolls around. Sometimes staying late to wrap up a project. I walk out the door in the morning to a clean street and fresh sea-air. Sometimes I detour to visit my favorite New York icon- the Statue of Liberty. The sky surrounding her changes so often...she has different moods like the rest of us.

The people around me bring me joy. I have also managed to stay in touch with my favorite Northwest people, and see a fare amount of them either here, or there, but not missing a beat.

This place I am in is safe. I have responded accordingly to red flags, dangerous situations and assholes. All of that living back twenties as a collective...has prepared me for this.

HERE I AM!!! A single, thirty year old New Yorker with a true sense of herself. I'm excited for this new year ahead.

*above photo, New Museum in New York City

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