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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ten Years Gone

I learned something about myself last night. It was in the midst of the most hilarious situation, and was completely caught off guard.

This hilarious situation was my ten-year high school reunion; mingling on a well-lit dance floor, choking down cold food and sipping Absolute from the stash of mini-bottles I brought with me. For every throwback jam the DJ played, there was a familiar face from over a decade ago.

How many life-times ago was high school? Honestly, I'd lost count years ago, and have changed more than I can measure. It's exhausting to think about the past ten years. So much living back there.

I was talking with Andy, someone I had gone to high school with for three years. So, ages 16-18. He asked me the obvious question,

"What have you been up to?"

I casually mentioned that I've been writing a lot. He looked pleased, and responded that he has always known me to be a writer.

"Are you sure?" I asked with a skeptical smile.

"Yeah, you used to write little poems and short stories all the time." He replied with complete confidence.

It occurred to me that he was right. I was delighted in this memory.

Unexpectedly, Andy's recollection of teenage-Kristen has inspired me.
Is it possible that I have something to learn from teenage-Kristen? I am so curious about her.

When it was time to catch the last ferry out of Bremerton, I said some good-byes and meant it when I said, "Let's keep in touch."

I felt a new respect for the people I grew up with in my teenage years. We share a unique key to our youth...a key that could not be duplicated. Once lost, it's forgotten.

Above Photo: I shot the above image of Anya Mora during my senior year of high school; 1999/2000.

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