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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Brief Distraction

It fascinates me coming back to reality from a brief distraction. This new grounded vision truly can put things into perspective.

I had a "moment" tonight. A moment where I found myself balling my eyes out in a bathroom of a bar called Duck Duck in Bushwick, East Williamsburg, depending on who you ask.

Recently, I had been seeing an amazing man for a brief amount of time. Long enough to kinda see myself doing that for a while. Which is huge for me. Turns out, with this move to New York I had somehow restored faith in the male gender.

For a blip in time, I felt a part of something...something aside form the daily routine that has comforted me for so many months and years. That blip took a moment to take hold, but once I wrapped my mind around it, it felt really nice.

Walking away from "Duck Duck" to a train that usually takes 25 minutes, took only four. I remembered to hold my head up. I tucked my shoulders back, and stood six feet tall. The air was cold against my stinging eyes, but these eyes are mine. These are my tear-streaked eyes. And I realized how much I love them both.

At this end of this something that once was, or could have been, I have my beautiful body and mind to fall back on....

Two things I can always rely on.


Joshua O'Sullivan said...

YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! So wonderfully written, I felt like i was running to the train with you, and I wish I was because you have suck a wonderful spirit and a heart stronger than any man! Sending you so much love darling, thank you for sharing you moment!

Kristen Blush said...

Oh my darling, Josh. How I miss my daily interactions with you. I can't wait for you to come home and make me laugh my butt off during these moments. I love you!!!

Skot said...

Miss you Kris! Wish we'd spent some time together while I was in NY a few weeks ago. It's been way too long. Hope you're well.