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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Clean Clothes

Finally washed the pile of clothes that has been backing up in my room. What have I been wearing for the last two weeks? Clearly not underwear.

My neighborhood in Bushwick is so ridiculous and awesome. I am always reminded of this when it's laundry day. Mexican talk shows and soap operas (!!!) blasting on three huge flat screens placed high above gigantic driers, Knickerbocker Street lined with delivery trucks and the local CD shop bumpin' the latest album from various Latino bands. I always think I will pop in and purchase music, but honestly, I don't have to because I can always listen in on the passing by cars and neighbors below.

I am clearly a minority here, but welcome. I'm still waiting for that moment when I feel like a I really fit in. I woke up this morning one day closer.

It's such a warm, beautiful sunny day in New York. And now I have cute, clean clothes!

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