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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Saddle With A View

Cycling is all about being alone in an otherwise overpopulated city. One could ride for hours on end, and not speak to a single soul.

A few days ago, in my welcomed solitude, I cycled upon a view of the Statue of Liberty. It's spontaneous beauty was overpowering! So wonderfully overpowering that I went back to see her tonight. Just me and her.

I rode up to the metal railing, and was immediately greeted by a moody sky with the silhouette of a man standing approximately 20 feet from me. As filtered light played against the water, it also drew a thin line around his figure. I couldn't make out his face, but his hat and trench coat created a timeless scene.

So obviously not alone, I continued to gaze at the sky. From my back-pack, I fished out a warm thermos. I exhaled, and sipped the soothing nectar of a homemade Hot Toddy.

"Moody, isn't it?" I called out.

He turned to me with a huge, white smile. His dark skin contrasted his crisp, white shirt that hung a neatly placed tie. He held his cell phone like a camera.

"Sure is! I wish I could get a decent photo with this thing." He responded with a laugh, waving his phone in the air. He walked towards me.

We chatted for a bit before I hopped back on my bike...back to my lonely place where I get to hear my thoughts and see the world.

With the statue and the man fading further behind me, it occurred to me that while I enjoy cycling to be alone, I genuinely enjoyed sharing that moment with a stranger.

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