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Friday, September 16, 2011


I breath in. As my lungs swarm with air, I close my eyes. I hear the word "Let" fill my chest.

When I am full, I push the used air out of my lips. I release with it, the word "Go".

"Let Go."

In and out..."Let Go."


I close my eyes to see myself looking back at me. I notice the color of my eyes, my hair, the way my lips look when they are closed together. I am standing at a small clearing near the edge of a cliff.

I approach the edge of the cliff to peer down at it's descending, rocky structure. The trees below are tiny figurines. I can reach out and touch the blue sky. I look down at my feet to see a small, round rock.


With a gentle toss, the rock takes flight. I watch it fall until it has disappeared.


I look down to find another rock sitting at my feet.

Again, I send it over the edge.

I retrieve a new rock with each inhale. And as I send it falling, I can feel my breath leaving my lips. I push all of the air out until there is no more.

I hold this, for a couple moments, before picking up another rock. As I bend down, I gently fill my lungs again.

This time, I looked over the edge to see a lake of water. I was within diving distance of it's crystal blue surface. I could see my reflection looking back at me, it gently distorted as the water moved side to side.

I tossed the rock in. It made a splash and I could see it sink to the bottom. I jumped in after it. My fall was slow and warm, and as my body met the water, it hardly made a ripple. I twisted in the water towards the surface.

"Let Go."

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