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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Letter From My Past

My friend Yuri came across an old email from me to him, in 2003. He forwarded it to me because he felt it still applied to me after all of these years. I was 22 years old:

I never want to live somewhere- and then stay there...I want to see what I can of the world while I can. I would like to leave Seattle.

I often look too far ahead. But I also look at my near future...but I don't look at it as having a better life there, just another stage of achieving what I want

It will be so hard to leave Seattle, but also, really amazing, and risky, and fun, and crazy!

I believe the love she was referring to was love for herself. Something she is growing into more and more, still.

Future Kristen thinks past Kristen sounds sweet.

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