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Friday, February 24, 2012

A Mild Winter

Aw, it's the end of a mild New York winter. I barely had time to feel a chill. The unexpected and welcome Spring is near.

I made it home to Seattle for a post Holiday visit. It rained- I visited the Market and some other old digs, and saw my nearest and dearest. By the time the week ended, I hit the ground running again in Brooklyn.

Work has me very focused. I also enrolled in a 6-week course in Midtown, starting this Tuesday. I will be polishing my knowledge on Search and Social Media Marketing for Butter by Nadia. My goal with this endeavour is to launch a Butter blog and continue a very focused growth of the online Butter community. The instructor is a woman who does Social Media marketing for VH1. There is a lot to learn from her!

This forward motion towards reaching my new goals has developed a clear inspiration in me!

I am really looking forward to the warmer weather. There is a gorgeous trail that begins in Red Hook and goes along the waterfront all the way to DUMBO- under the Brooklyn Bridge. I have done this ride a few times around the 5 o'clock hour...watching the sky turn from light to dark. The buildings in the city and bridges change personalities in the moments leading up to sundown. I have so much admiration for New York.

Bike ride to the Brooklyn Bridge, Feb 2012

My home in Red Hook is warm. I ended up adopting a kitten, or should I say, he kind of ended up adopting me as his mom. My roommate Vicki has been an amazing person in my life. She is a part of my daily routine and domestic coziness in Red Hook. I feel really lucky, considering our apartment is so modest. It really takes that kind of harmonious relationship for the arrangement to work.

I do get "stuck" in Red Hook from time to time. Working late, cooking at home, hitting the sack early. I get out of the neighborhood as often as possible to visit friends in the city and of course other neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens. Sometimes weeks and months slip by, but we always end up picking up where we've left off...over a glass of wine, coffee or birthday party. I feel that I have made some important new friends since I have been in New York. We have all come here for different reasons and are all so inspired. It's refreshing to have such a diverse base of amazing friends!

Upper East Side Thanksgiving with one of my favorite people on earth

And why we are all here? For me, this reason has become very clear to me. I am here to experience GROWTH. It has become even more clear that I am not here to exclusively expand Blush and rebuild a new client base for freelance photography jobs. I am in New York to leave that behind and discover the grown-up woman I have become. Leaving home truly allowed this new person to flourish...and this electric, static, hustling, swarming city has swallowed me whole. I am here to experience everything I possibly can, and I am learning to appreciate all of my choices that led me here. Even the fucked-up stuff back there...I'm thankful now.

Tonight, I write this blog post in my ruled, moleskin book. I am in a gorgeous room in the East Village that my friend Brett manages, called Sons of Essex. I have finally made it down to check it out. This place is FABULOUS!!! I wouldn't expect anything else but hip hop to be the sound track...reminds me of listening to Kanye driving around Brooklyn in Brett's truck...whew, and there was that time he helped move me out of my Bushwick apartment on the hottest day of the year. Does that make me a bad person??? PROBABLY!! Not to stray too far from the topic of Sons of Essex...I will return there without a doubt. The music and atmosphere was perfect...but the food was EVEN BETTER! Yum, I got to try the Beef Stake Tomato stuffed with Eggplant Parmesan. I want to eat that again.

I've been dating, too. I've noticed that dating in New York is far easier than in Seattle. Why? More men? More men from different cities and countries. I surrendered my OK Cupid profile after one-to-many doosies...and responded with an attempted at I guess this means I am actively looking for a partner. I've been single since my separation from my ex-husband, and have come close in various relationships where it could have gone to next level- but just never made it there...for whatever reasons. And honestly, the men on are so old, and so boring...what's up with that? I think what it is, is that I have finally gotten to a spot in my life where I get to be picky. I suspect I always could have been picky...and it shames me to think about the things I put up with. Most woman my age have the same stories...the doosies, one after another. I'm ready to just be myself, cut the games and embrace kindness when it presents itself. The energy I have put into relationships that never went anywhere is mind blowing. My most recent was one of the most disappointing of them all...but it always helps put things into perspective. I am a catch! Plus, these things don't happen over night, and by knowing what I am looking for allows me to call the shots.

So, this is where I am. I am in a very present state. Indulging in the things that feel right. My friendships, my family, my support system in these things that I have known my whole many apartments I have had and the people who have filled them and brought them to life. I am so grateful for these things...and for what they have given to me. I hope in some light, I have inspired others, because I have been so inspired.

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Mare said...

Krissy, I enjoyed reading about your adventures. I am so proud of you and so happy that you are in such a happy place. I love the picture of the cityscape. It is so tranquil. It is as if New York stopped all of it's hustle and bustle to pose for you. It is so important to "stop and smell the roses" from time to time, helps put our lives back into perspective. Love you