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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Red Hook > Chinatown > Greenpoint > Astoria

Brett and Napoleon in Chinatown, NYC
Yesterday was lovely as can be.

I saw Brett and Napolean! We took the pup out for a walk in Chinatown...we got him this balloon, Brett yelled at a man in a mail truck who tried to run us over, and I peeked in windows at potential new glasses. It was good energy, and I love my time spent with Brett. He is great.

After this fun afternoon, I took the train to Greenpoint to see Margaret. I love her so much and I believe I have convinced her to spend a few days with me in Red Hook, soon. We always pick up where we leave off, and I believe we find a special inspiration in each other. Our friendship is unique and beautiful. We ate too much sushi and sipped saki and green tea. It was very cozy. Margaret hugs are the best.

Following these two lovely encounters, I met up with my favorite friends in Astoria, Tomas and Kim. We smoked Hookah 'til 3AM and danced to live music. This place is wild, called Melody, they were dropping fake money from the ceiling onto the dance floor. This was our second visit there...and I learned that Kim got a new job in Philadelphia. While I am very excited for their new adventure, I am very sad that they are moving soon. I have grown very accustomed to our bi-weekly wine, hookah, karaoke parties together. I will have to visit them!

After the all day excitement, I woke up today very hung over and achy. I spent most of the day in bed...such a pity, the sun was shining. I'll let myself off the hook this time...yesterday was fabulous.

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