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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Four Months Gone By

It's been about four months since I have written in My Urban Body. In the past, I have used this space to be expressive and talk about issues that were important to me at any given time. I have never used this space to get ahead, hold back the truth, or market Blush Photo. My Urban Body has always been a safe place for me to just be.

I have been through so much in the couple of years I have been writing here. We all have. And when I think about the last four months where I fell silent, I feel so totally overwhelmed that my head could explode. There was a failed love, a failed job, a new job, another new job....summer came and I found myself in the midst of the strongest self love I have ever experienced. Real talk, I could fucking explode and sincerely had no idea where to even start here.

Now, I sit typing this from above the clouds on a Delta flight home to New York. I was just in Seattle for six days. I celebrated my 31st birthday and signed to the biggest agency in the world, Getty Images in New York City. Now It' time to get artist management, get on with my career and take control of what I'm doing with my life.

When I first published to this blog, I had expressed myself in the a similar way I feel now- feeling like my whole life is in front of me, but I have always held myself back in one way or another. But, ya know what, I'm not doing that anymore. I've always been my own road block.

I have grown up so much. New York will age a person. And I guess in a way, I have become so different. I think in four months one can truly shed her tight, faded skin. It took me these last four months to really get my feet grounded. I have so much time to focus and prepare for what's next. It's exciting.

I'm grateful for this space I have created in My Urban Body. I appreciate all of you who have read and given me feedback, too.  I am a very lucky girl to have so much love and support from some of the most fabulous people I know.

When I land at JFK airport in New York, I will hit the ground running. I will continue to publish to this blog, as needed. I felt compelled today...and I'm glad I could.

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