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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saw Someone Who Looks Exactly Like You.

I saw someone who looks exactly like you. And in the same instant I saw you...I knew it wasn't you. It couldn't be, because I had already said good bye.

I saw him from the corner of my eye. He was standing where you used to stand...his hair was reddish-yellow in the sun. I looked away. In that moment, I'd felt the deepest pain come back to the surface from where I'd buried it once before. In a split second, I had replayed the phone call over and over in my mind, I felt my tear-streaked face, I saw the flickering candle lights, I'd recalled the road-trip to Camino Island where we all gathered in a your memory. I could feel these memories in each limb of my body. My cheeks burned. In that single glimpse of you, my heart felt the pain of losing you all over again.

I closed my eyes to disguise my glassy tears. In that quite, lonely moment in darkness, I saw your face smiling at me.

*Above Photo: I snapped the above photo of my friend Benny at Block Party last year.

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